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About Leoty

We are fashion industry professionals who create tailored active wear.
Focused on style, comfort, and technical performance, we help women
integrate well-being into their daily lives.

Our team brings together creative minds who work
with French couture brands and technical experts who have designed
gear for Olympic athletes. We make sportswear with a Parisian sensibility,
drawing flattering lines on durable fabrics.

The result is chic, feminine, and functional.

We take our time to craft the perfect product.
We consider every silhouette, seam, and stitch, testing
clothing until it meets our high performance standards.
We dye our own fabrics to achieve just the right
hue of runway-inspired colors.

Our products are designed in France.
Our fabrics come from Italian luxury mills.
Our factories are all over Europe,
including traditional corset makers in France.

Ernest Leoty has its roots in nineteenth century Paris,
when Maison Leoty was the city’s most fashionable corset maker.

While most corsets constrained the body, Leoty corsets allowed easy movement.
Their smart cut and elasticity gave women room to breathe. They were modern
and technical for their time without compromising style.

Leoty understood that wearing something beautiful, even a concealed corset,
gave women the confidence to embrace life to the fullest.

Ernest Leoty’s original corsets can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
Our contemporary designs belong in the streets, cafes, and parks outside.

Women no longer live in such a restrictive society as nineteenth century Paris.
But they still know that strength comes from within.

Like our namesake, we embrace new fabrics and technology, but never sacrifice elegance.

Today, we continue Leoty’s legacy by creating beautiful clothing that
empowers women to live a balanced, joyful life.

We are couture for leisure